Real Estate April 29, 2024


The text read: “Tank got a hold of him.”

I don’t know who the “him” was referring to, but I did know Tank. My seller’s dog is low to the ground, brick-shaped & 70 pounds of pure muscle. His dog bowl could easily be mistaken for a baby bath.

Once my seller acknowledges a welcomed guest, Tank excitedly turns to mush. Now that I’ve been deemed acceptable, he bops around the house as I’m taking measurements & videos, bounces circles around me & jumps up on the couch. His oversized tongue lolls out of his head waiting for me to reach out & pat him on his square, hard noggin.

Tank is such a sweet boy… to me.
I always text my seller with the exact time that I’m going to be pulling up to his house.
I always wait outside the door for my seller to tell Tank that “it’s okay.”
I never assume that I have more rights here than Tank. This is Tank’s house.

The curious buyer who took it upon himself to drive over to the new listing without an appointment, smugly get out of his car & start to poke around the property didn’t know that there was a Tank inside. Screen doors aren’t effective at holding mosquitos at bay let alone a charging pit bull protective of his disabled owner.

Tank did get a hold of him, but only by his pants. Luckily the only thing bruised was the ego of the overly confident trespasser.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, a photo of his jeans: grass-stained knees & missing seat – would speak louder than any ‘No Trespassing’ sign ever would.

I’m Always Here & Happy to Help!

Katina Hunter
Team Lead for the Katina Hunter Team with Coldwell Banker