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Katina Hunter Team

"I never wanted to start a team," says Katina Hunter, multi-million dollar producing Realtor. "When you're awake until three o'clock in the morning & back to work three hours later, you know something needs to change."

Hunter found that she didn't have enough time each day to implement all of the things she wanted to incorporate for her customers. "I can teach anyone anything they need to know about real estate," says Hunter. "You can't, however, teach people how to care. They either have that... or they don't."

The Katina Hunter Team is built on the premise of being "Always Here & Happy to Help." Each of her teammates have the innate helpful heart that makes focusing on people an easy thing to do & love!

Katina Hunter

Team Lead

When we bought our first home, the process was frustrating, confusing, & I often felt in the dark. I recognized a disconnect between Realtor & customer. I got my license & found ... that I hated real estate! I didn't find it to be interesting or giving me the satisfaction I've found in my previous customer service jobs.

A few years in, however, I shifted my perspective & dropped the sale approach that so many real estate coaches preach. With a renewed focus on customer service & marketing I finally discovered how differently I can serve my customers. That ignited a passion in me that's been fueled since 2007.

If I can do good by people on a daily basis - I consider that a job well done & time well spent. If there's every anything you need, I'm Always Here & Happy to Help.

Mike Hunter


Mike was a manager in the customer service field at a job that only required him to work Monday through Friday. It was a Saturday, however - a beautiful summer Saturday - when his phone rang. He didn't need to answer. He didn't need to take the call. He didn't need to leave his half-mowed grass to rush to the aid of a client. It could easily have waited until Monday, but... he did all those things with a helpful heart to be there for his customer. It was on that summer Saturday that Mike was recruited onto the Katina Hunter Team - knowing that it was this genuine interest in helping others that would ensure life-long customer relationships.


Renee Petrelli


Renee gushes over 3 things: her grandkids, animals of all shapes & sizes & houses! Her kind heart makes her a beautiful addition bolstering the Katina Hunter Team: "Always Here & Happy to Help." Her nurturing approach & masterful skill of being tuned into her clients' needs is what made her successful during her 17 years of real estate. Renee never brags, but her clients do that for her. They rave about her consistent service & the fact that she always provides the support & guidance needed so that they are confident in their real estate decisions. When you work with Renee, you get clear expectations & straightforward direction for a smooth buying process!

Shannon Heffern

Real Estate Assistant

Having bought & sold real estate all over the country, it was the experience she had selling her home in Pennsylvania that kicked Shannon's relationship off with the Katina Hunter Team. Her curly locks can be seen above the screen of her laptop as she ensures that information regarding your property is disseminated & sent out to prospective buyers who are most likely to take an interest in your home. Shannon is the master organizer of everything behind-the-scenes & is always elbow-deep in client lists, neighborhood campaigns & spreadsheets - helping our team members to directly reach out to the right people at the right time. It's always a good day when this smiling face is in the office!