Real Estate October 30, 2023

Behind The Bedroom Door

Just this last week I was at a client’s house. They’re looking to move & needed to know how much I thought they could get for their home. UNLIKE the made-up prices on HGTV, I actually have to have a lot of information backing up the asking price I suggest.

It had been a few years since I helped these clients with their purchase, so I asked to take a peek around & refamiliarize myself with the house. “No problem,” they said. “We’ll be in the dining room whenever you’re ready.”

I’m going through the house taking my measurements & notes. “I’m going to peek upstairs!” I announced & begin to climb the steps. Just before I enter the master bedroom, I hear her husband downstairs urgently whisper to his wife “Honey… the bedroom! She’s going into the bedroom!” I pulled my hand away from the bedroom doorknob hearing the wife bolting up the stairs after me & blocks the doorframe with her entire body.

I have noooo problem giving her a few minutes to hide whatever it is that’s been left out. It may just be dirty underwear on the floor. It may be….. uh… something else. I offer to look at the other bedrooms first.

She gives me a serious look & just shakes her head. “I love my husband. I love my husband.” she chants. My eyes get wider, & I offer an unsure smile. She never takes her eyes off of me. She slowly opens the door. She asks me not to be scared of their… pets.

I honestly never expected what I saw. Of all of the things to be sitting out on their dresser… this was petrifying. Creepy. Nightmarish. Alive!

Each, in their own separate tanks were 5 tarantulas. “Okay” I just repeated… “oh, wow… okay… okay.” The husband makes his way up the stairs, & once I found my voice, questions just tumbled out of my mouth.

I wanted to know why one tank was filled with webbing & the others weren’t. Do they ever take them out? Were the bigger ones older or were they just a different breed? Have they ever been bitten? What did they eat? Have they ever gotten lose?

I always say that even after 16 years in the real estate business, I’m always learning something new. Of all the things that I expected to learn that day, however, I didn’t expect to get a fascinating lesson on these (still) creepy but (a little) intriguing animals.

Katina Hunter
Team Lead for the Katina Hunter Team with Coldwell Banker