Real Estate May 2, 2023


As a Realtor, I could write a book about all the craziness I’ve seen in this business. Man, am I glad that we moved the clocks. Having an extra hour of daylight is very valuable to Realtors. Otherwise, we’re oftentimes pulling up to strange homes in the pitch dark.

One day, I was meeting clients at a home late in the evening – well after dark. I get to the house a little early, & when I pull up – all the lights are off. I look ridiculous waiving my hands the entire time I’m shuffling up the driveway to the front door. I’m trying to trigger any motion sensors anywhere & have no luck.


I pull out my phone & turn on the lame flashlight & start looking for the lockbox. Nothing on the front door. I blindly make my way around the side of the house – nothing on the side door. I eye up the shadows lurking along the tree line in the backyard. I find my way into the back door & sigh some relief as I find the kitchen light switch.


I’m casually flicking on lights as I maneuver through the house, the only thing keeping me company as I make my way from room to room is my own humming of a cheerful Greatest Showman tune.


I have one more light to turn on – the one in the back bedroom. The bedroom furthest down the hall & away from the kitchen light. The same hall which, of course, offers a single burnt-out lightbulb. I have since put my phone in my pocket & just eye my way into the deepest recesses of the home.


I turn into the room & start feeling up the trim & adjacent wall on either side of the door. No switch, but I catch a glimpse of a familiar rectangle oddly on the side wall halfway back into the room.


I stride over, push the top button of the old-time light switch & a single bulb turns on. As I turn, that yellowed light highlights the half dozen nude torsos that line the corner & back wall of the bedroom.


They weren’t real people – just very realistic mannequins! I was not in any danger; however I was a good 6 seconds of my blood-curdling scream before I was able to convince myself of that fact. Good times…

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Katina Hunter

Team Lead for the Katina Hunter Team with Coldwell Banker