Real Estate March 28, 2023


If you have a choice to listen to your drunk uncle Bernard’s advice about buying a home because he purchased a house 20 years ago & knows how it should go… or… listening to me – I would hope that you take a smidgen of this information into account.

The bad news is that even though the market is shifting, it’s still not the time to go in with low-ball offers. And how do we determine if your offer is reasonable? By pinning it against the Listing Price vs Selling Price for that area.

There’s a big difference between negotiating well for yourself & putting yourself completely out of the running by making unrealistic demands for a seller to consider. My advice: Go in fast, go in fair & get things cinched up before another buyer has a chance to show interest. As soon as there are multiple offers – you no longer, my dear buyer, have the upper hand. As soon as there is multiple offers, the negotiating ball is in the seller’s court.

We just recently experienced a very small tick down in interest rates, but they are still higher than what we’ve gotten spoiled with the last 2 years. There is a way, however, get a rate that’s 2 % LOWER than what everyone else is being quoted. The best news about a rate buy-down, you can build it into your offer so that the seller pays for it.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say that you were quoted an interest rate of 6%. When negotiating on a property, you can ask the seller to give back about 2.2% of the sales price & dedicate that amount to your rate buy-down.

With a full-price offer, & taking the buy-down into consideration, the seller is still selling their home for almost 98% (again, we’re currently at 96.5% in Lawrence County) So the seller still makes out. & When you close on the house, your rate – for the first year is 4%, not 6%. The second year – instead of 6%, you’re at 5%.

This gives buyers 2 years to stabilize their income & slowly grow into the 6% interest rate. If your Realtor isn’t familiar with this program, ask them to reach out to me, & I can put them in touch with a lender who can explain it to you & break down your numbers.


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